Makers Trying to bring Tollywood’s famous hero Shivaji in Bigg Boss Telugu 7?

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular shows in Telugu. So far six seasons of this reality show have been completed. The 7th season is going to start on 3rd September. Meanwhile, the list of contestants in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss Telugu is doing the rounds on social media.

Names of popular TV celebrities including Telugu hero Shivaji, serial actor Amar Deep Chowdhary, YouTuber Anil Geela, and many more appear in this list.

Here comes Sandeep (Dance Master) and Priyanka Jain (Serial Artist) who recently participated in the show Neathon Dance with her boyfriend Shiva. Pooja Murthy (Serial Actress), Riaz (Comedian), Prince Yavar (Model), Sheetal Gautaman (YouTuber, Web Series Actress), Mahesh Achanta (Comedian), Shobha Shetty (Karthika Deepam Mounitha), Damini Batla (Singer), Sagar (of Mogali Rekulu fame) and Bullet Bhaskar (tremendous comedian) are also on the list.

Along with the above-mentioned names, Pallavi Prashanth (Young Farmer), Shakeela (Actress), Teja (Delicious Teja Youtuber), Tremendous Naresh, Gautham Krishna, Tremendous Kevu Karthik, Hero Abbas, Bole Shawli (Music Director), Heroine Farzana (Telugu and Tamil Film heroine), Subhasree Raiguru (Amigos fame), Actor Kranti (Number one serial fame) are also seen in news.

Akkineni Nagarjuna is going to host this season and many promos have come out. It is known that the Bigg Boss show is not running smoothly as before. Many contestants are getting votes by putting PR teams outside. The management is now going to bring a new concept for a complete change in it. It is going to be introduced in the seventh season. Nagarjuna has already disclosed this.

Actually, when the Bigg Boss show starts, all the work related to it starts two or three months in advance. Under this, the work of the seventh season also started many days ago. It is known that most of the work has already been completed. Now there is news that the Bigg Boss house is being finalized.

Apart from the celebrities that have already been leaked, the seventh season of Bigg Boss is also rumored to bring in some high-profile contestants. The managers are taking utmost care so that their names do not come out. However, some details are coming to the fore.

Recently, the name of another top celebrity has also been leaked regarding the seventh season of Bigg Boss, which is going to start with huge expectations. According to information received from television sources, this season, Tollywood’s famous hero and political leader Shivaji is also making an entry. It is reported that he has been given the responsibility of making the Bigg Boss show more exciting.

Sivaji who was a supporting actor for a long time then became a solo hero and did many films. In this sequence, a few years ago, he also stepped into politics. So he became a sensation with a story called ‘Operation Garuda’. There is no doubt that if Shivaji enters the Bigg Boss show, then the seventh season is likely to be even more exciting.

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