Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Sandeep is the winner of the wrestling competition

Bigg Boss Telugu is the only show in the history of television that has consistently remained in the top position, being at the center of sensation. It has already completed six regular seasons and one OTT season, gaining unprecedented popularity, especially in Telugu. It also made many records. With this feeling the management has started the seventh season. In this, Pallavi Prashant prevailed from the common man quota.

In the latest episode, he had an unexpected experience. Along with this, the administrators have also recently started class VII. However, in this, they have come up with a new concept which has never been seen before. Especially in this season named Ooltah Pulta, they are giving twists and surprises and also showing variety in the tasks.

Usually in the Bigg Boss show, tasks were given to give immunity for one week. But, in the seventh season it is being said that in the first week itself, tasks are being given to give immunity for five weeks at a time.

As a part of this, several rounds were conducted and those who won were declared contestants for the main task. Housemates were given the task of ‘Face the Beast’ (wrestling) as part of the five-week immunity process. In this, they brought a female wrestler for the women and a male wrestler for the men.

Bigg Boss said that whoever stays in the ring for the longest time will be the winner of this task. At first he played the game for some time and said that it was just a trailer.

The ‘Face the Beast’ (wrestling) task in the latest episode was a lot of fun right from the beginning. Especially Bigg Boss satirizes the behavior of the contestants. And, Volanta’s efforts to win the task looked like comedy. Overall, this work was done with great enthusiasm. Sandeep (1.49 minutes) and Priyanka Jain (1.07 minutes) were in the ring for the longest time in the ‘Face the Beast’ (wrestling) task which ended amid many hilarious scenes.

Shivaji remained in the ring for the shortest period of only 13.5 seconds. After them, Ratika Rose remained in the ring for 15.8 seconds and Amardeep Chaudhary for 18.7 seconds.

As part of the ‘Face the Beast’ (wrestling) task, Pallavi Prashanth lost by a slight margin, while Sandeep won the game. He remained in the ring for 1.44 minutes. He lost by five seconds. This made Pallavi Prashant very emotional. She started crying because she had lost the task. Everyone consoled him with this.

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