Bigg Boss Telugu 7 can be of only 70 days?

Television’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss needs no special mention. Bigg Boss, which started in Hollywood, has now spread to almost all languages. Bigg Boss, which has also come in Telugu, has successfully completed 6 seasons and one OTT season to date. Bigg Boss season 7 is getting ready. The teaser of Bigg Boss season 7 has already been released. It looks like the upcoming season 7 of Bigg Boss will be a bit different from the previous season.

Mainly there is news that there is going to be a big change regarding voting. Earlier there was time from Monday to Friday to cast votes in support of the nominees, but it was limited to three days. It is being heard that there is a possibility of voting on the first day of the week itself. Similarly, a pattern ran throughout the last season as well. On weekends there were mid-week games hosted by Nagarjuna and closing shows on Sundays. It is not known when what event will happen in Bigg Boss season 7.

Apart from this, there is news that the process of nomination has been planned in a very different way than before. Another big change..? There were only 70 days during the first season. But later it was increased to 100 days. This time again it seems to be getting cut. The organizers are planning to wrap up Bigg Boss Season 7 in just 10 weeks. After 10 weeks of elimination, the winner will be announced on day 70.

We already told you that Karthika Deepam actress Shoba Shetty is all set to enter the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 show. After hearing this news, the audience cannot contain their excitement, and now they are speculating that the star mom is paying a huge amount to bring her along.

The names of the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 have become the talk of the town. As soon as news spreads about a celebrity’s entry into the show, the buzz about the contestant’s remuneration refuses to die down.

The latest news is that Shoba Shetty has been confirmed for Bigg Boss Telugu 7. Not only this, but we also hear that she will be the highest-paid contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

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