Actress Kiran Rathod will also enter Bigg Boss Telugu 7

The stage is set for the seventh season of the show Bigg Boss Telugu, which is much awaited by the television audience. This reality show will start on 3 September. All preparations in this regard have already been completed. But there is no official announcement yet on the contestants entering the house in the seventh season. But for the last two months, many names have been circulating on social media saying that ‘these are the contestants’.

The names of senior actress Surekha Vani and her daughter Supreeta are also included in this. There are rumors that this time mother and daughter will enter the house together, if this is not possible then at least one of the two will enter Bigg Boss. But Surekha Vani recently reacted to the news of her entry into Bigg Boss. It has become clear that she will not participate in the season of Bigg Boss.

Surekha Wani made it clear that her daughter Supreeta will not participate in this reality show. However, this is not the first time that the mother-daughter duo’s entry into Bigg Boss has been rumored and then refuted. Such rumors have been floating before, especially in the fifth season. But every time they keep denying this news.

Surekha Vani is in discussion as a female comedian, character artist, and special role in Telugu films. Recently, Merisindi was also a beautiful star in Mega Star Chiranjeevi Bholashankar’s film. Along with Surekha, her daughter Supreeta also has a huge following on social media. Netinta’s pictures and dance videos are impressing netizens.

Especially the mother-daughter dance imitating Telugu film songs is very much liked. There are speculations that Supritha will soon enter the film industry. There are reports that famous senior actresses Shakeela and Kiran Rathod will enter the seventh season of Bigg Boss.

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