Actor Sagar will also become a contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 7?

Telugu audience does not need much to be told about Bigg Boss. Six seasons have already been completed successfully. Recently a big update came for the seventh season. The seventh season will start soon.

Under the same, recently a promo related to it has also been released. Nagarjuna will host this season as well. This latest season will start in September. This latest season will start in September.

The debut of the Bigg Boss show on the Telugu television screen was a matter of doubt for everyone. But NTR made this season a super hit with his anchoring. While NTR hosted the first season, Nani hosted the second season. Nagarjuna served as the host for 4 consecutive seasons from Season 3 to 6. The fourth season hosted by Nagarjuna received a good response.

Bigg Boss OTT which was aired on the platform of Hot Star as non-stop entertainment turned out to be a complete flop without any viewership. This use has been discontinued. And the overall poor progress of the sixth season has become the show’s undoing. That is why there is news that season 7 is being planned and designed in a new way. Looks like a few have already been finalized for this season. News related to this has gone viral on social media.

Looks like Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 will be even more innovative this time. Under the same, this time there will be many new games, new tasks, and new rules in the house. Apart from this, a lot of care is also being taken in the case of contestants participating in Bigg Boss. In this sequence, the best personalities are being fielded. Looks like Sagar, who is a serial actor and has acted in a few films, will enter the list.

Sagar especially Mogali Rekulu serial R.K. became super popular in Telugu states by playing the role of Naidu. After this, he worked as a hero in some films. It seems that the remuneration for participating in this Bigg Boss will be between 70 to 80 thousand.

It seems that in this seventh season, the tremendous comedian Bhaskar is also going to enter. Bhaskar is performing as a team leader in a tremendous comedy show. Apart from this, he is also a dubbing artist. It is known that people like Nuka Avinash and Faima have appeared in the Bigg Boss show and they have received a good reception.

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